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TOday has been a hectic day and still going. I took one of my best friends who is divorced (the bastard) to take her kids to summer camp, which the ex did not pay for by the way (double bastard). She has three kids, I mean come on now, the first one a mistake, shite happens so they get married, then along comes the second one, now ok, two kids is not sooo bad, the perfect family, a mom, a dad, a little boy and a little girl. Problems start to arise (I think it had something to do with him cheating on her, I guess she was touchy about it) and then she gets preagnant again!!!!!!!!! And so he decides this wonderful memorable ocassion to just take a sick leave from his family and she has to deal with the preagnacy on her own. I mean please, can someone explain this to me?!?!?

Don;t get me wrong, I love the little buggers, although they are a handful and sometimes spoiled and I think sort of with emotional problems due to the constant tension in that house and the divorce. They sound lovely don't they, but I give thanks to god every day for just having to stand them for a couple of hours at most and like maybe once a month.

I think I lost track here of what I was going to write, let me see what it was.......oh yeah, my day. Well I took her for breakfast ( oh yes with the 2 year old tagging along) and then shopping and just a day out so that she at least has contact with adults instead of just the three kids that consume her whole life.

I just can't see myself doing that, I am older than her and no kids so far. I want kids, well kid is more like it, but I just can't see myself living my life with just kids in my life. I am sure I will adore and love and protect to death when and if I ever have a child, but I will also consider my future for if I do not have one how can my kid have a good one?!?!?

Oh well, I guess I am just tired. Talk to you later.


3:54 p.m. - 2001-06-05


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