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Good morning all:

Ugh... told you all I would be paying for my drinking last night today. My head feels like it weighs ten tons and it just won't stop spinning around. I hardly remember typing anything last night but apparently I did because well, the entries are there.

Sezzy I know you love the attention you're getting for me posting your advice. Now maybe lots more people will start asking you for it as well.

Ms. M don't forget to add to your list when someone grabs your national flag and rubs it against her crotch many, many times at a concert.

Effie you can count yourself lucky... I will be grateful if I at least get to go to the beach this summer.

Si. I thought you would know more than that by now. You know you will always rock my world in more way than one.

a-travis-t, my e-crush.... just let nasty people get what they deserve..... patience is a virtue and like you said... they never, ever win in the end. You're special and everyone is bound to see that sooner or later.

Rica and Lee you guys will be together in no time at all. And you will live happily ever after.

OK, so I'm off to do what my life mostly consists of.... cleaning my apartment yet again. I swear, with all the cleaning I do here lately, you would think that J and I are a bunch of pigs or that we have a small army living in here. I just don't get it.. where is all this dirt coming from?! Why do clothes always find the floor, chairs and tables more comfortable than the closet?! Why are shoes always hiding from me under the bed?! Why are there always 4 or 5 books on my end table when all I'm reading is one... can't they just stay on the bookshelves?! Oh well, my laundry is done, better go get it out before some of it decides to go and hide from me, making it impossible to match socks for example.

I guess that is all for now.....


PS: Damn.. I sound like a bitter housewife... ~UGH~

9:25 am - 24 April 2002


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