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OK, so today I got some bad news. A neighbor of my mom's got shot yesterday and died. She was a very good person and although she had her faults like everyone else she definitely did not deserve to die. She was about my age and had 2 kids. It's funny how I just keep thinking about her. She was not someone I could call my friend, just an acquaintance, but she was nice. Always saying hi when she saw me or J at my parent's home, doing favors and running errands for others. She was mixed up with the wrong people I guess but still....

I don't know how to explain this........ even when people are "bad" or not really following the law in some ways does not necesarilly mean they are no good. If they have been good to me then I accept them. I'm not one to judge their lifestyles and preach to them. They know what the results of their actions might end up being but is still sad.


I'm not very good at expressing what I mean; I'm at a lack for words and innept at trying to even attempt to explain.


It's funny how someone can be there one day and gone the next. I had just spoken to her a couple of days ago and I can see her so vividly in my mind running around in her bike and kidding around. She was smart, intelligent, well spoken and friendly. Today when I left my parent house I expected to see her saying bye to me or just being a wise ass. Wish I had gotten to know her better. Now I can't even go to her wake or funeral for security reasons. The police are afraid that there may be another attempt on her boyfriend's liffe when he's there or something like that, so is just basically not safe. They're under protective custody (her bf and bf's sons) as we speak.

Oh yeah. My dad was outside his home when it happened and saw everything and from what he tells me he ran for his dear life since the guy started shooting almost in front of him. It was a drive by in a bicycle. Yup.. I kid you not. He was scared, he called the ambulance and when it failed to get there quick enough he went outside, called to the neighbors and put her on his car and drove her to the hospital... all for nothing.

~I'm rambling now~

I guess I will pay my respects to her in my mind with a prayer and rememberance of her. Life can be so fragile and short it's scary.

Her name was Wanda and I'll miss her.


2:52 pm - 10 May 2002


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