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And then my eye popped out...


I just went to the dermatologist with my mom and I gotta tell you.. it's depressing as hell. There is nothing worse than people talking about ailments while waiting for hours for the doctor to see you right before lunch time. It's like a contest that ensues without one even noticing.

Announcer: Well Good Evening everyone!!

Audience: Hi Bob!!

Announcer: Well welcome to (insert bad taste name here --- suggestions are welcomed)
Let's meet our contestants now.

*camera moves and does a close up on a contestant

Announcer: Well here we have Julia McCormick from Utah. How are you tonight Julia?

Julia: Hello Bob... well my bladder is about to burst and I forgot to wear my Depends because it seems like my Alzheimers is catching up with me and oh yes, could you be a dear and give me a pillow because my hemorrhoids are really a pain right now. Thanks Bob!!

Well, I guess you had to be there... one person would start talking out of the blue about diabetes and would tell how bad it was, then another one would jump in and just tell something horrid on the same topic about him, a family member or a friend and then yet another one would surpass the last story where you would just have to grimace and listen with your jaw hanging out. Once the ritual was over when nobody else could top that story, he or she would be declared the winner and the cycle would just start all over again. The topics went from blisters to maimed body parts.


I know that is natural for people as they get older to get sicker and suffer more ailments but people please... there is just no need to go around boasting about it to perfect strangers and worse.... enjoy it. It's like when veterans talk about their war scars or something.

I vow NEVER EVER to do this to anyone, unless of course Alzheimers affect my memory and I totally forget about this promise, in which case I guess I would just be following nature's vicious sick cycle.


Oh well, on another lighter note, I got googled for:

  1. lovely woman (awwww)

  2. huge hips (hmph)

Go figure...

5:53 pm - 02 July 2002


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