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The \"F\" word

I'm tired. The weather today is humid. I hate that. I can withstand the heat, just not the humidity. My hair looks awful, so I just smooshed it all up in a bun after an hour of fidgeting with it to no avail. I actually went to work today (yes, my week started today for reasons explained on earlier) Students did their review on my performance throughout the semester, as per requested by the Dean at the University I work at. Funny how us, the professors, have to be reviewed but the dean is nowhere on that list for reviewing. Did that make sense? Oh well. Like I said. I. Am. Tired.

Alas, as I'm trying to be responsible once again here, the professor for my next two classes is nowhere to be found. We did however found a paper stuck to the classroom's door saying that she would not be in. This is just grand. NOT! My other class is not until 5:30 pm, so there is no way I'm staying at Uni for four hours with nothing to do. Especially not in this humid weather.

I started thinking about the "F" word. yes, you know, my Finances. As usual, my finances are a mess, so I decided to take action for once. I took all of my credit cards (including the copies that J has) and I stored them away. Paid off what had to be paid and decided no more money wasting from now on damnit! No more eating out (at least for a while) and no more senseless shopping (I'll just let my mom do that for me). I'm in a saving money kind of high right now, and I will stick to it. I made out a budget plan to try and pay off as mucha s we can in the least amount of time, though frankly I will be happy if we can at least make every payment on time.


Did I mention I lost four pounds? YEY! That was a little bit of good news, so I'll take it as a sign and run with it to get my finances together as well. Did not go to the gym today though, I was not feeling my best since the flu is still somewhere deep in my chest and just refuses to come out of there. I'm constantly out of breath, so I better get to the doctor soon in case this illness decides to lodge itself in me for the rest of my life. It's like an unwelcomed house guest. Annoying, useless, munching off of you and tiresome. I'm even getting cough attacks and trust me, that is not a pretty sight.


I have to do an oral presentaion for tomorrow and I have not yet even lookes at it, but that's the way I am. It works for me, I function properly under preassure. Well, that is all for now kiddies. Talk to you later.


4:52 pm - 05 May 2004


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