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Bitchy, ME!?!?! Never.......


My mood today is dark...... not depressed exactly but I can't find in my mind the word I'm looking for. I feel like watching sad movies... not in a mushy kind of way, more like tragic ones bordering on possible real scenarios. Maybe movies like The Day After or Testament would satisfy my need. Oh well....


Last night I had a grand time after rehearsal ended..... as you should know by now my official drinking day during the week is on Tuesdays. An old friend and ex band member came over to PR for a vacation. Last time we saw her was when she left for the States three years ago. I hadn't realized how much I had missed her until I saw her on Sunday. I felt all giggly (don't know if that's a word but I'm not going to look it up.. so there) inside.

She traveled with a friend and I must say that I had not met someone quite as interesting as her in a long time, well someone new, my current friends are very interesting thank you very much. We got to talking and she even likes Stephen King.. I mean I know that probably in the States more than half the population like him but over here in my hometown is not that easy to find people that actually like to read in English. To say the very least it was refreshing and I can only add that I'm very glad that I met her.

OK, today I had a couple of beers at lunch time... very unsual since I have never done that, unless I was at the beach or something in those lines. I met up with a couple of friends and they just ordered it for me.... so I just had to drink.... my mom raised me to be very polite.


Oh yes, I also had to go to the pharmacy to get my mom some prescriptions so I had to kill like 2 hours of my time until they prepared the darn things so, after a few rounds of just walking and browsing I sat in the waiting room. Some people just don't seem to look at themselves in a mirror before leaving their homes... well that or maybe they just don't own any. Sorry, but I refuse to believe that an overweight woman wearing a denim mini skirt, flip flops and a tight short tank tube that lets us, the public, view and appreciate her belly button, looks at herself in a mirror and says: "Damn I look good."

I just won't accept any other explanation. I know it's good to have high self esteem but it's even better to have some common sense when it comes to fashion. Just because JLo looks good in it doesn't mean you should prance around in public in it.

Well, as you could have probably discern by now, I'm criticizing people in general a lot... guess it all has to do with that non describable mood I'm in or, maybe I'm just bitchy lately.


9:45 pm - 03 July 2002


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