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Renovations on the house are still going on. Today I went to buy some new tile for my kitchen floor with my dad. We borrowed the construction worker's pickup to do the deed as my poor little Hyundai will not be able to carry such a heavy load. Nothing unusual happened until my dad decided that it would be okay to stick the tile on the back and on top add the bags of tile glue. It looked like a huge tower about to collapse.

Me: Dad, those bags look kind of like the leaning Tower of Pizza.
Dad: No they do not.
Me: Dad, the car will be moving you know? And as far as I remember there are quite a few turns to make to get to my house.
Dad: (looks at me all crooked)
Me: (I just shut up and get in the car)

Now, let me just say that I should be used to my dad by now, he is the kind of guy that does stuff his own way and is always like "It's fine that way, nothing will happen." Like the time he decided to push my stranded car with his car throughout the freeway and all the way home because really, why would we need to pay some dude with a tow truck when we could do it ourselves?

Anyways, I kept looking at the bags of tile glue throughout the way and my dad just kept on driving as normally as possible, until low and behold, he took a turn a bit too normally and there went the tower crumbling down. Dust and bags flying all over the street, bags on the pavement and a line of cars stopped behind us so long that I was sure that a cop would show up at any moment thinking that someone must be dead in the middle of the road. Well, my bags of tile glue were dead allright. Dad saved them all but one, but I'm sure that if I shake my clothes long enough I will be able to rescue most of it, since it somehow managed to stick to them as I was helping dad pick all of the others. Yes, I love my dad, and lets just leave it at that for now, since he is not speaking to me at the moment because I apparently jinxed the whole thing from the beginning by even mentioning that they could fall off. So technically, is my fault people. I better go take a shower before I develop a huge allergy from all this dust.


3:01 pm - 18 February 2006


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