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Busy day. Took the puppy to the vet. Turns out that her blisters are not caused by the evil ants. That's not to say that I actually feel sorry for killing the bastards. It's a very bad reaction to the heat. Poor thing, already bathed her in some medicated shampoo and rinse, gave her some antibiotics and she got a shot. It's funny how she always reacts like 10 seconds later when she gets a shot, then she just looks confused as to what the heck happened.

OK, everybody ooooh and aawwww. Thnx

SO now I'm all tired and just want ot go to bed. My room is cool and she is asleep on the floor.


I'm way behind on my classes and my work. Tomorrow I'll be getting up very early to get some work done at well, work.


Today while on my way to work I was listening to this radio show and they were asking people what they missed about their childhood. It got me thinking and right away the very first thing that popped into my mind was that I didn't ahve to do anything. My parents worked to feed me, bought clothes for me, gave me presents and basically all that I asked for. I also remembered all the fun I had with my friends with basically no worries at all. All the great holidays and family gahterings. Those were the days. If only I would have had the maturity level not to take them for granted.



Today I made some flan (if you don't know what that is look it up). I actually went to all the trouble of preparing this delightul dessert just to be able to snell it. I think my sugar intake is just way too low these days. I haven't had any since I'm with this WW thing and that would just be a no no, well at least for today. Tomorrow I'll make a point to watch my food intake to be able to have some. To a point I was actually satisfied just to smellthe darn thing. But I guess nothing beats having that wonderful taste in your mouth.

OK, I think that felt like an orgasm to me.


Ok, headed off to bed now.


8:49 pm - 03 September 2002


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