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Puppy madness......

It's that time of the month, I'm feeling cranky and depressed but all in all I guess it's ok because I'm finally done with school for the semester. I took my last final today. I'm oficially on vacation!! YEY! Anyways, I'm all alone in the apartment since J went to NY to visit his family. I am feeling kind of lonely but I guess I'll survive. There is nothing to bring me back to reality than remembering all teh fighting and bickering. Maybe I've become addicted to the arguing, maybe I'm a a sadist or something or maybe I'm just sleepy and my brain cells are all fucked up at the moment after all the studying and writing for school.


My Christmas shopping is almost done. The packages for NY have already been sent so hopefully they will arrive there before Christmas, that is if our lovely Postal Office do their job. And yes people, I live in PR but we have the same service as you guys in the States. I still ahve to buy a pressie for my mom and dad (yes, I'm a bad daughter and should be sent back to the womb for letting them for last) but now I can really concentrate on their gifts and not just pick up something out of pure desperation for getting out of a -crowded stuffy full of people touching me- store.


It is 12:30 in the morning and puppy is driving me (and possibly teh neighbors) insane with her squeaky toys. She just got up from what I had hoped was her last retreat into sleepy land all boistful abd full of energy and with a desire to just squeeae the hell out of those annoying noisy toys of hers (mental note - next time get rawhide instead) Not only does she chews on them insesantly, starting very slowly and then upping up the tempo gradually until I swear I listen to a documentary style kind of voice that says "This. Puppy. Is. Insane.", but she also manages to step on the other ones as she stumbles and walks around with the one in her mouth. (Walks away to take toy away from puppy now) (Takes a deep breath)

Where was I?? Oh yeah, puppy is now looking for more toys. Well, better search teh house before she finds more and go to bed... hopefully she will follow suit.

Hopefully that police siren I hear is not on its way because of a disgruntled neighbor.


12:26 am - 19 December 2004


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