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I wonder who will end up a serial killer...

Yesterday was hectic.

You can really see what kind of personality a kid will have when he or she grows up. You have:

  • The hypochondriac - you know that kid that gets a headache everyday and his parents always, and I do mean always go pick him up from school thus giving a reason to just keep "getting sick".
  • The one with an empty head - not really that much up there, so he has better start looking into sports to see if he has any hope of getting into college some day.
  • Little Miss Perfect - the one that knows all, does things the right way and she even looks more professional than the teacher. Creepy looking as well, like a young Martha Stewart. ~Brrr~
  • Cool and smooth, just like the girls want it - he's good looking, suave, gets away with murder at the tender age of 9, and girls swoon over him. Sure, he's cute now, but in the future he will become a womanizer, with his head stuck up his ass. He is God's gift to women after all, and maybe even some men.
  • The pig - he's just as dirty as can be, it doesn't really matter if he gets to school looking all spiffy, just 2 minutes later he will be looking like he wrestled a hog... and the hog won.
  • precociuos little girl - She is very sweet... maybe extra sweet to the boys, but she's just a kid right? So I have a twisted and sick mind, I don't care. Chances are that every boy will have been "sweet" with her by the time she finishes High School. Let's not even think about what will happen if she goes to college. Not even the professors will be safe.
  • The spolied brat - The parents give him or her anything for any reason at all. "Teacher, I got a new computer yesterday because I didn't kill anybody." He probably would have killed someone if he hadn't gotten the computer in the first place.
  • Book Worm - The too smart for your own good kid. Social life, non-existent, no invites to pool and birthday parties, unless he's rich and the parents made their offspring invite him, just to look good. He uses glasses, and every year they get thicker. He starts to develop allergies, sneezing attacks are very common but that's ok, cause other kids won't go near him anyways.

There are many other stereotypes if you will, and unfortunately I would say too many left out of this list. These are the ones that I was able to appreciate these last few days while susbtituting at that Private School. Teaching is fun!! Isn't it.


Puppy is doing much better and has even put on some weight. She is eating high protein food and she absolutely loves it. I'm happy!!


We received some pictures of J's new found family adn I must say that I was impressed. They are all very good looking, tall and blond. They look nothing like him. Kidding, you can actually see the family resemblance between his sister and him. We are just waiting for them to send us pictures of his mom.

I will not end this entry with something wise to say, in fact I have never ended an entry with a wise piece of anything, so what the heck am I talking about??


12:27 pm - 14 January 2004


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