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Soccer addiction

Yesterday I went with my dad and J to pick up my brother at the airport. I, of course did not go to work or took any classes for that matter. Today I went to the gym, which is always good, and then I just decided to stay home. So no work today for me either. I bet my students must be thrilled by this. Technically I could still go to work if Iso chose to but I'm just not in the mood. That's what happens when you take Mondays off. The week just will not get into gear.


My brother, wow, I hadn't seen my brother for about 6 years. He left for NY and has been tehre for all that time. We just got the sporadical phone call, and vague news. I never said my family was perfect and of course, we are dysfunctional and proud of it. The important thing is that he is doing good and all that. He is going to be a father with a -14 year younger than him broad-. Well, maybe I should no call her a broad, after all I did not even know of her existence until yesterday. Through a picture. Apparently she's shy and did not want to come to my parents' house until they knew about her and the little sperm that got into her belly by only God knows how. I digress. I love my brother dearly, but his relationships with women in the past have not been very successful, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, especially since I don't even have to see her that often, maybe once every 7 years or so. Yes, no woman is ever going to be good enough for my brother, but on the other hand my brother is probalby not good evough for any of them either. Yes, I'm a bitch, I also acknowledge and accept this wholeheartedly.


My flu is almost gone, but still lingering around enough to make me annoyed. I have not smoked a cigarrette in three days in hopes of this darn congestion going away as soon as possible. Tonight that resolution may as well be over since I will be going out to the pub after rehearsal with my drinking buddies and not drink. But smoke, yes, definitely. The way I figure it I need at least one vice in my life. Did I mention that it has been close to eight months since I had a drink? Just don't ask me why cause I just do not know the answer to that. I have grown apprehensive of it, just don't know why. I mean, I think I know why but I just don't want to dwell on it.



I saw this game and immediately thought of my England buddies. Click the soccer ball without letting it touch the floor as many times as you can. Let me know how much you got!


12:33 pm - 04 May 2004


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