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I'm really addicted to this little game called Text Twist. I am a Sims fan as well, but this game in particular is what I call a nerdy game. I mean, composing words for a passtime is not exactly what I would consider relaxing. The thing is that some of the words I get I don't even know the meaning to. So that means go getting my dictionary or just going to and finding the meaning. I think I'm actually getting a little bit stressed out by the whole thing. It's really time consuming when you think about it and it really takes a lot of effort, especially since I'm supposed to be on vacation from school and work. That is ussually me, taking things to the extreme. I at least hope to increase my vocabulary.

I can just visualize the conversation with my friends after the Holidays:

Friends: "How was your holiday vacation Khazz? What did you do?"

The more verbally enlightened me: "Well, I caroused in a form of entertainment to broaden my apperception of the English language."

Friends: ~Staring at me non comprehending~

Oh well, I guess I can safely say that my holiday vacation has not been very adventurous at all. I have stayed home for the most part, enjoying my free time and just leisurely walking around the house in my sleeping attire... aka pyjamas. I personally don't think that going throught the stress of family reunions and the like are that relaxing and definitely not something that I want to partake during this free time of mine. Jerome (hubby) is in accordance with me so we are happy and joyful for that fact. His family is practically non existent to us in any case and my family is very low key with the whole thing anyways.

I was reading some of the diaries and the agonizing entries on the matter and I can say that they certainly are great material for telling their kids one day; and I'm sure that memories are created in the same manner, but for me right now this is the best thing ever.


On another matter, my dog is doing great so far; she is just a bubble of energy and is actually gaining weight. Her visit to the vet was a very good one and even though I know she is sick, I am definitely greatful to God for the time I am getting to spend with her.


Tomorrow I will be doing one of the things I like to do most, buy books. I unfortunately do not live in a town that promotes or considers the need to have at least one good library an important part of such town's development. To top it all off, the only bookstore that was in the area closed, so you can imagine the kind of hell I have been living in since I am such an avid reader. I wil have to travel 1 1/2 hours in order to get to the nearest Borders. Of course, when I get there I love it and the whole trip is worth it. I love the smell of a bookstore. The smell of books is intoxicating to me and just looking at the walls covered in books all over always leaves me in a state of awe. There are so many books to browse, touch, read, and so little time and money. I would be eternally happy to just receive books as gifts. And since I do not need glasses I do not even fathom the possibility of getting caught in a nightmarish version of the famous Twilight Zone Episode. So tomorrow I will get up bright and early, exercise on my bike, (yes I do that too) and jump in my car for the trip. I have a mission, so don't mess with me tomorrow.

Well that is all for now kidies.


9:02 pm - 28 December 2003


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