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The early bird catches the worm... mine is probably in Russia about now

Bad way to start the day. I just got up 30 minutes ago and I was supposed to be at my soon to be new house at 7. At least the one that's there is my father so he won't yell at me when I get in in about another hour or so. I have to get there and start cleaning and organizing the stuff that my mother in law has there. I have to work wuth all the clutter and this little girl knows how much fun is to get things of that nature done.

I will have to force myself to sleep in early today in order to get my internal clock adjusted and hopefully get rid of the insomnia thing. I have 2 weeks to get it all sorted out.


I want to take a trip next summer, so I'm on a "save money mission". I'm aiming for a trip to Florida or New York. I would love to go back to New York and see all the places where I used to live. To revisit all the places that I used to live in, where I ran around with my friends, places where I had picnics with my mom and brother. I would preffer to go to New York during the winter since I can get to see snow again, something that I was allowed to watch from a window when younger but never really got to play with since I had a knack for getting very sick with colds when the season arrived. Now I'm older, so even if I do get sick while there I can just ignore it and get sick with pneumonia if I so choose.

J preffers to go to Florida for our first trip, and since I'm ok with it I think that might just be it. If I do get to go Florida I would love to meet Cassie, her mom and dad. That would definitely make my trip worth while. I have seen this little miracle grow for almost two years now and I am always at an awe with her development. Her mom is the most patient and loving person in the world so I know she won't mind too much when I teach Cassie some new kind of mischief.

Anyways, I have to go and get ready now for my hard day of work. Don't want to get out of there too late since I'll probably go out after all with my friends again tonight. Yeah, sleeping early is going to have to wait... we'll see.


1:13 pm - 10 January 2004


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