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Laundromat goes bye bye...


I installed my software program today at last. Now I can get back to doing my pic thingys. I changed my pic for a new one that I took about, oh, about an hour ago. I used the tapestry thing that comes with my program... the picture is now made up of tiny other pics. Looks pretty decent.


On another note, I got my new washing machine today... YEY!!! No more trips to the laundromat. Although I must say that I will miss that bunch of weird people that went there. Why is it that people who frequent laundromats are ussually weird and look depressing or confused or something. I always expected someone to just start screaming one day like a loon and running out of the place with a bunch of dirty laundry and detergent to throw at anyone that befell their paths. Not that anyone would have noticed much... they would have just continue to smoke, read magazines, or just kept watching the machines for the rinsing light to come up.

There were lots of peculiar behaviors as well. One lady just kept opening the door of the washer every 2 or 3 minutes to check her clothes, as if they would go anywhere by themselves.

This other character just stood there next to his washer with the bottle of softener on his hand, and as soon as the rinsing light came on he would rush to open the door of the machine and pour the thick liquid in. I mean, you do have plenty of time to add it you know.

There was this other lady who as soon as she got there she would hog two(2) dryers. She would go in like a maniac and put the required change on the slots and just gave everyone a dirty look, like a challenge or something. Then she would go to the washers and put her clothes in. I never went near those damn machines... just in case.

The last one I'll mention was this young girl, I guess just not all up there in her little head, that always had to use the same machines. She was one of the early morning users. If someone new just happened to stroll in and get near one of "HER" machines she would get all nervous and anxious, she would stare at the poor unfortunate fool and start to pace. You better believe that one of the regulars always directed the newbie to some other machine. I guess no one wanted to find out what would happen after the pacing was over. We never let it get that far... thank God.

I will really miss that bunch, in a sick weird twisted kind of way. I could go on and on about every weird thing and person I saw (and kept seeing) through the years. I have been going to that laundromat for about 7 years now and somethings just never change. But I guess it will become a part of my past life now, but Oh the memories will always be there.

I can't believe I just wrote such a long entry about a laundromat... I bet you feel enlightened now, don't ya?!?


12:53 pm - Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2002


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