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Taxes..... College

S E C O N D__E N T R Y

I did my taxes.... I have been doing my own taxes since I was 18. Figured it all out on my own too thank you very much.

*Bows deeply to the applausse and oohhh's and aahhh's in the room*

Now, keep in mind that since I earn such little money they are far too easy to do. I will be getting some money back (very little in fact to even mention) but I always say: "as long as I don't have to give the government any more money I feel like a million bucks"

Just washed my hair, took a long relaxing bath, scented candles and all, mood light and soothing music. AAAhhhhh, small things like this are what make my day. My mind wasn't filled with any thought whatsoever. ~Joy~

Saving money can be a drag, when I have money to spend I never find anything to spend it on and when I'm broke (most of the time by the way) I want to buy so many things. It's a conspiracy I tell you; department stores, boutiques and every darn store in this island knows when I do and don't have money and enjoy giving me a hard time about it. *Sigh*

Oh well, I will be taking some pics of my town and posting them so that you can have a feel of where I live. This week is going to be party time here in my Ponce, since there are going to be giving the annual Universities' Sports competition. It's sort of like the College version of the Olympics. Every young human being will be flocking to my part of the woods from all over the island. Keep in mind that the main attractions of course will be the drinking, partying and dancing in pubs sort of thing, the competitions are just a side show. Live bands playing all over the center of town all night long and I am fortunate enough to live.. you guessed it, in the center of town. I love to go out in the morning and find those unfortunate college kids that couldn't book a hotel room early enough and hence end up sleeping in cars and street curbs. The fun starts on Thursday all the way till Sunday when people just end up at the beaches woking on their tans and hangovers. Ahhhhh, the memories.

Ok, better get my hair done... have to go pick up my mom from work today, since our public transportation is almost none and what little there is sucks hard.

BuhBYe *kisses*

1:46 pm - 09 April 2002


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