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October 12, 2001 // 8:27 am

I see: my fags

I need: control

I find: happiness in small thngs

I want: more

I wish: for eternal happiness

I hate: hatred (redundant I know)

I miss: my younger years

I fear: staying the same

I feel: insignificant

I hear: the tv

I smell: cigarette butts

I crave: company

I search: for a reason

I wonder: why

I regret: my present

When was the last time you ...

Smiled?: yesterday

Laughed?: yesterday

Cried?: yesterday

Bought something?: last week

Danced?: about two months ago

Were sarcastic?: every day

Kissed someone?: what's kissing??

Talked to an ex?: ages ago

Watched your favorite movie?: a month ago

Had a nightmare?: Last night

What was the ...

Last book you read?: Black house by Stephen King

Last movie you saw?: Fright Night (last night)

Last thing you had to drink?: Water

Last time you showered? this morning

Last thing you ate?: Pralines and Cream Ice Cream from Baskin Robins

Do you...

Smoke?: yes

Do drugs?: smoked pot once

Have sex?: I think I'm a virgin again

Sleep with stuffed animals?: does my dog count??

Live in the moment?: sometimes

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: husband

Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yes

Play an instrument?: clarinet/ marimba

Remember your first love?: yes

Still love him/her?: always

Read the newspaper?: yes

Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yes

Believe in miracles?: no

Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: ask me again some other time

Consider yourself tolerant of others?: sometimes

Consider love a mistake?: at times

Like the taste of alcohol?: depends on my mood

Have a favorite candy?: sniskers candy bar

Believe in astrology?: nope, just read it sometimes for fun

Believe in magic?: Nope

Believe in God?: I believe in something

Pray?: habit

Go to church?: not in a long time

Have any secret?: yes

Have any pets?: yes - 1 dog YEY!!!

Go to or been to college?: yes. finishing my BA right now

Talk to strangers who instant message you?: sometimes

Wear hats?: nope, too self conscious

Have any piercings?: yes - my eras are pierced since the day I was born

Have any tattoos?: nope, but I want one

Hate yourself?: sometimes

Have an obsession?: nope

Collect anything?: bad memories

Have a best friend?: yes

Wish on stars?: sometimes

Like your handwriting?: yes

Have any bad habits?: a few

Care about looks?: sometimes, not at the moment

Believe in witches?: depends

Believe in ghosts?: not sure

3:32 pm - 13 April 2002


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