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OK today was well, a typical day. Went to the Post Office and it's funny how everytime I go there's always this same group of old people just standing around. I mean, what can they possibly be doing there from opening time till closing time. Seriously, they should consider applying for a part time job there. I can swear I saw their imprints on the floor since they always stand in the same spot. Maybe they're lives are so empty that they look for social interaction over there. Who knows...

I also went to the bank to get a copy of my ATM card since mine had decided to start giving me a hard time and just refuse to be read when swiped. It's not like I use it so much that it would become tired of being handled by strangers at the cash registers. There were only 5 people in line so I thought "Great, I'll be out of here in no time". I can be disgustingly naive sometimes that it's really so not funny. I swear I grew roots just standing there watching the clerk just talk to the same person while perceiving no improvement in their debacle whatsoever. I started to look around the place, since the bank it's inside the mall and I realized there are some peeps walking around with a misguided sense of fashion. I guess I really wanted to scream to them "Hey, just because it's IN does not mean it looks good on you.. please recognize!!"


They don't care if they're fat, thin, short, tall.. they will all wear the same stupid outfit and really prance around as if they were so Hot.


Well, anyways, I also had to go the DMV building. It's like in the other end of town but had to go there to get my dad's vehicle registration (never mind that he has the time and health to do it, just not the disposition) there are always so many people there that you would think they are giving free stuff or money away. I swear there are people that just love to be bothered with all this stuff, complain and just keep doing it over and over again. I think they get off on it.

So I'm tired, emotionally drained, grumpy and salty. Yes, I know a bath will take care of the last one, which I'll be doing momentarily. In top of all this I remembered that my dear lovely Ali is leaving today our wonderful world of D Land. She has her reasons and I respect them, although not albeit like it. She will be facing now the world without pouring her heart and soul in these pages so I guess I admire her too, since I really don't know what I would do if I could not debrief myself of my stress with my keyboard in hand like a commando hugging his rifle. She will be missed and she will be in my thoughts. I know I'll be thinking Ooooh... I wonder what's Ali doing right now.. or I wonder if Ali is having sex yet. Errrrrrrr, you know what I mean. Another day is almost gone and mine shall be even emptier without me being unable to read her entries while sipping a cup of joe and puffing on a fag. Oh yes.. Happy Happy Birthday and may you live to be at least 100.


7:24 pm - 19 April 2002


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