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Yawn.... Survey Alert - Survey Alert!!!

YAWN...... Good morning all. I am so tired today. I just got up which is late for me considering I have been getting up at 6 or 7 am lately. I really have to go to the doctor and give him my results so that I can get a new prescription for my thyroid business. It makes me soooo sleepy when it's all out of whack. Anyways, I found a survey thingy and I know how you people love those. I stole it from her and since I have nothing better to do at the moonet I just thought I'd answer it. So here it goes.

1. what are you wearing, and how long have you been wearing it?

I just got out of bed so I'm wearing my nighty, a blue tank dress sort of thing from Old Navy. No underwear for I like the feeling of freedom I get by not using any. I have been wearing it since last night.

2. what condition is your hair in?

Is a mess, like I said I just got up and didn't tie it back or anything before going to bed. It's down to my shoulders and in serious need of a dye job.

3. any makeup?

No. I just got up and was a good girl and removed it before going to sleep.

4. who else is in the house (significant critters, too) and what are they doing at this moment?

My dog is in the apartment with me right now. She's playing with one of her toys and just being a dog. The lazy bum.

5. are you, or have you just recently finished, eating or drinking anything?

I'm drinking a cup of mocha coffee right now..... yum

6. what is your general mood/state of awakeness?

My body ia awake but my mind is still sleeping... I will be going to bed again pretty soon. I just feel sooo tired.

7. Are you under the influence or currently partaking of any mood altering substance/beverage?


8. is there something else that you really SHOULD be doing? if so, what?

I should be making some breakfast, calling the doctor to make an appointment, go to the post office and check my mail, get some school work done, clean out my closets. Fun fun fun...

9. is there something else you really WISH you were doing? if so, what?

I wish I was in London with Ali, Si, Fairy, Lee and Effie.... or with Rica, Sezzy or Ms.M. I wish I was anywhere but here having fun with dear friends getting away from my life for even just a weekend or so.

10. is your house any messier or cleaner than usual? if so, why?

Actually my apartment has been very organized and cleaned as of late bacause I have been cleaning it every day like a freak.

11. where is your computer located? Look up: What do you see in front of you, other than the monitor?

I see my cup of coffee, my fags, an ashtray, a lighter, the remote control for tele, a tube of Pringles Potato Crisps (the less fat version), tons of papers which I have to get organized today, a stuffed dog (Sad Sam), a desk lamp and my pc cam.

12. what electonic emissions are clouding up your airwaves -- music (what's playing), tv (what's on), phone (who are you talking to while online, you rude thing!)

The tele in on HGTV (dunno why... I swear) and I can listen to the instructions on how to make a landscape collage. Whatever that is....

8:47 am - 25 April 2002


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