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Dear anonimous e mailer sender......

So my hangover is almost nonexistent this morning. How strange... but it's good so no complaints here. Maybe is because I have been eating healthier and hence I can assimilate the alcohol better. All those veggies are doing their job. YEY!!!!

So, I have not read my entry from last night and it's really a blur in my mind, but I don't think I wrote anything inapropriate *(sp?)

*Too lazy to look that word in the dictionary right now*

Apparently I write cute when I'm plastered.


So on another matter, I received and email, from someone who of course decided not to disclose his/ her email. It basically said how much I sounded like white trash, and that I should be ashamed of myself for displaying improper behavior and problems in my marriage.

Well, first of all I should comment on the obvious: whoever you are, you're definitely a coward for not disclosing who you are. Second, another obvious comment: this is my diary, I write what I want, when I want, however I want and it's really none of your business what I decide to write in it. You don't like it.... ~everybody together now~ DON'T READ IT! Thirdly, I consider the term white trash" offensive, not because you are calling me one, just in general terms. Nobody should be reffered to as white trash, it would be like calling me a "spik" for been puertorrican. So next time I would appreciate it if you would reffer to me as uneducated, ignorant, improper or whatever instead of that nasty term. Well, I'm not "white" in the sense you reffer to, bacause although I was born in the states (NY) my parents are puertorricans and well, I consider myself as such. I have fair skin if that's a consolation of some sort. J cannot definitely be called white trash. He was adopted by puertorricans and his biological mother was/ is Italian and his biological father was/ is African American but he's definitely not white. So I really don't know what he would be but white is definitely not it.

Oh well, I think I have wasted enough space on my diary adrresing you dear anonimous e mail sender. I am proud of actually being able to express my feelings, troubles and tribulations on my diary, it has always been something very difficult for me and it was eating me up inside, now my life is more tolerable because I can actually vent in my diary and find out that some people really care. I feel not so alone because of it, and I have found people that have been through similar situations so I don't feel like a freak of nature. So just bug off and go stick your tongue in an electric socket or something, I'm sure it will give you more of a shock than my entries.

Well, so this turned out to be a long, yet very uninteresting entry, how I managed that I have no idea, since they ussually are uninteresting but short and sweet.

Last but not least, I want to say thanks to all of you who wrote nice things in my guestbook, I would link you but I was lazy to look up a word in a dictionary so I'm definitely lazy enough not to write a bunch of "a href's". But it definitely made my day to read them all. I have some more buttons to make for linkin purposes, so I guess I'll work on that.

BuhBYe all


11:44 am - 17 May 2002


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