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My weekend..... ~UGH~

OK. so the weekend is here. I got up early this morning, had a sensible breakfast, checked my email and now I'm just staring at the computer. What will I do today?? I really have no idea. I know that in the afternoon I will be going for a walk in the park, since I really have to start exercisiing in some way or other. I don't want to go to the Salon, it's just a waste of time to be sitting there for a couple of hours or more so my hair will look pretty. Definitely not my cup of tea, maybe I will get it done on Tuesday.

I could maybe go to the movies, Star Wars is playing now although I bet the lines will be just awful. Should have pre-bought the tickets on Thursday but was too lazy to do anything like that. I better think of something because I'm definitely not staying here today. I really have to get out more, move and stretch my legs and get that blood pumping thorugh my veins and heart.

I do have to go to the supermarket and get some grocery shopping done, but that won't take that long. I also have to clean my apartment and that really had to be done like yesterday.

I really have to get my act togetther, the sooner I get that acomplished the better. My life has become a routine and I hate that. I mean, I like structure and knowing what I will be doing, you know like having a plan, but this has become ridiculous. My life has become a mix between school work, house work and surfing the net. I'm getting antsy and I really have to get out. I miss having grown up conversations, meeting new people and just having a walk around the park. I have to get out of my funk, you know, the big D thing. I want to, I just have to find the energy to do so. Oh well, that is all for now, I think I'm going to do some cleaning, laundry, then go to the mall (like yeah), will come home change into exercising gear, get my dog and then go to the park and have a nice walk/ run with her. It will invigorate me, then at night I think I'll go to blockbuster, get some movies, take a nice warm bath with bubbles, lit candles, soft music and relax; pop some popcorn and watch the movies.

Yeah, sounds like a plan to me, I just have to keep moving all the time in order not to let my funk slow me down.

Any good sugestions for good movies??

Oh well, what am I thinking. You're all are actually living a life.

OK, then hugzs to all.


10:19 am - 18 May 2002


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