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Hello all:

I have been anxious these last couple of days and I really don't know why. I have been eating a lot lately and that is not good. Mostly junk food so it's even worse. I will start getting back on track tomorrow. Have not been exercising much either since it has been raining cats and dogs so my visit to the park for my walking/ running sessions have been hampered.


I at least got to talk to my brother in my lazy time, who lives in NY since I finally got a hold of his email addie and that's definitely good. I can chat with him in MSN Messenger.

Speaking of chatting online, I have not been doing so, don't really know why I stopped. Guess it was a combination of having too much work for Uni to be done plus all the guys that just wanted to have cyber I guess. I mean, don't get me wrong.... people can do whatever they feel like doing, but it would be good just to have a nice conversation with someone and not have to deviate an ass bloody horny remark every five minutes.

Talk about desperate people....

I also talked to this young man which was something that I always enjoyed doing. I hadn't realize how much I missed talking to him until I got to do it again. People have different and refreshing points of views, he being one of them and even though I read his diary the experience of actually talking to him or anyone else one on one is certainly different. Guess when you have the spontaneity factor everything is just much more interesting.

Well, I'm planning on getting a new computer... I'm leaning towards a Dell this time instead of a Gateway. I love my computer but I have to face the facts and realize that it's getting old, and even though I'm not planning on retiring her completely it will be nice to have a more advanced model to get some things I really want to do in the media department... aka... pictures, music files and such; and even though I know some people do not go for brand computers I'm still old school and preffer to rely on something that I know will do the job without having to reformat every day or so. So maybe I'm anal... but it works for me.

~sticks out tongue to TOM ~

All in good fun of course..... you know I'm not a meanie.

Oh yes, I decided to follow some DLanders and add a wishlist just for fun mind you. I'm not really expecting anyone to get me anything from there, but it will serve as a reminder for me to get the books I want to buy, since I always go to Borders and end up getting other books. I have a short memory lapse and always forget what I went to get in the first place.

Well that will be all for now....


8:29 pm - 05 June 2002


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