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And so the heat continues..... my dad

Well..... I'm starting to get disturbed by my googles.

~women pee and where is the pee~

Apparently after all my writing over the past year I get recognized for the peeing entry. Now how disturbing is that. I actually turned out to be the first site on the second google. It makes me feel like everything else I've written has no real value in the great WWW plane. Or maybe there are just a lot of sickos out there. Yeah, I'll opt for the second one.

OK, so the heat wave continues here in my lovely island of Puerto Rico. Was out all day today and even the mall seemed kind of stuffy to me. Maybe is pshycological but man... when I passed near the water fountain in the mall I really wanted to just get in there and feel refreshed, nevermind all the disgusting fluids that may have been in there or not mind you. I just wanted to feel refreshed and spiffy clean.

I'm here at home right now getting ready to go get another shower and just lay maked on my bed with the fans on high and just enjoy the moment for the three seconds it will take to feel all hot and bothered again.

~now I deserve all the nasty googles I may get from that remark~

Anyways..... not going out for a walk tonight since I'm tired from all teh walking done at the mall today buying father's day presents. Just had to buy stuff for my dad and my father in law but I know how to waste time when shopping.

Got my dad the Roto Zip thingy and for my father in law clothes and shoes since he is a practical no nonsense conservative sort of man. He will not even wear anything with any hint of color in it.... just sober earth tones and good gray, black or white. Now how adventorous is that. Oh well, I lie... he once wore a white short sleeved shrit with miniscule thin lines in a very very ligh shade of blue. So I guess he does have a bit of a rebel brewing inside of him after all.

Better go make my dad a card since Hallmark or not I just couldn't find one that expressed my feelings towards him. I guess hateful murederous thoughts and Father's Day are just not considered for this Holiday.

~kidding people... just kidding~

I love my dad...... very very very much. Words are just not enough to let him know just how much. I heard in a commercial (I think it was a Hallmark's one by the way.... yes ironic I know) the following remark: "For the first man that ever loved me". How true is that sentiment for me. He was the first man that ever loved me and the only one who will ever love me unconditionally until the day he dies... or even if we want to get metaphysical here I know he'll keep loving me even after that. Which by the way will never happen.

~denial is bliss.. isn't it?!~


8:41 pm - 15 June 2002


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