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Bah! Humbug!

Good morning everyone!!

Hope you had a wonderful Crhistmas day yesterday and that you all got what you asked for and more. Ok... enough cheery wishing for now. I am already getting sick of the Happy Holiday wishes from everyone, you know it just becomes the standard during this time of the year. People you see every day while running errands won't give you a good morning, good afternoon or a simple hello even though they see your face on a daily basis but when the Holidays come they are all Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Oh please, spare me. But that's just me... and yes I'm feeling like Scrooge on this Holiday and Merry Season.

Took the dog tot he vet yet again and the reason she was vomiting her food was because she had an obstruction in her intestine. THey couldn't tell what it was from the X-rays so they did an exploratory operation on her. She was all sore and the verdict was very harsh. She has the big C. Now how sucky is that. I have tried to think of a word to describe it but the only one I can come up eit is sucky. When I tell people about it and I say it's devastating, or mind boggling or just plain unfair many of them just look at me with those eyes that scream "She's just a dog, you can always get another one." Well yes, I can get another dog anytime I wish to, but it won't be my dog. Not that there won't be a place in my heart for another dog, but my dog is just that, mine.

She has been my companion for the last 9 1/2 years. She has been a friend, someone that makes me happy, smile and laugh, she has always been there for me unconditionally, she lets me pet her when I'm sad and thus find some comfort, she is loyal, playful and just a puppy at heart. SO no, it's not fair and don't tell me she's just a dog. Maybe it's a harsh comparison, but if you lost a kid I would not go to you and tell you "You can always have another kid."; because technically I could you know.

Now not everyone has been like this, so let me be fair. Many of my friends ahve been very supportive and have even told about natural stuff I could do in order to make it easier on her. THey have come to visit her and play with her and jsut be near her. She seems better now that she is taking some meds and some concoction I am giving her, which I'll talk about it in some other entry. She is a bubble of energy and I'm basically concerned with the quality of her life so as not too much about the time she gets to spend with me. It's the quality not the amount of time that cout for me. I don't want to see her suffer, I don't want her to be in pain. But to tell you the truth I don't know what I'll do when these things become apparent and irrevocable

In other news I got 3 A's and 1 B this semester. Next semester I will be taking 19 credits, or 7 classes. It's going to be a full load but I really want to get things rolling. I still have a year and a half to go counting next semester of course. So hopefully I will be gradutating in May of 2005. Of course I will get a job and immediately continue my Masters Degree. That is at least a good piece of news.

For Christmas I got my car repaired. Some stupid idiot with a Fast and the Furious complex crashed my car which was parked in front of my house. So I had to get it fixed. The Insurance covered most of it but not all. My dad covered the rest. It looks like new now. Just have to get the air conditioner fixed and theradio installed which I will be doing soon enough.

I also ahve a new hobby. I am making necklaces and earrings. My friends are buyign them too. They are done with semi-precious stones and they are very nice if I say so myself, so I'm considering a small business as well. I already took a course and will be continuing with other courses as well as soon as January comes in. It is very relaxing, to me anyways, to get lost in this craft.

Well dearies, that is all for now. Got to get dressed and ready to go to the vet as soon as hubby comes back from a meeting. Khazara, my dog, is going to have her stitches removed. I hope she has gained some weight during these last 10 days. She was 15 lbs. underweight when they found about the cancer.

Well, Happy Holidays everyone... there I said again, maybe my scrooginess will lift after this.


7:57 am - 26 December 2003


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