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I won a battle.... proven wrong.... shouts


So it's that time of the month.. I just hate it, I'm all bloated, in pain and I feel fat. Oh well, one of the perks of been a woman I guess.


Yes, I won yesterday at the government agency.. well I won a battle more like it but it's something. I was so damned prepared that every question they asked I immediately answered back, no hesitations whatsoever; all the documents they asked for I had, so I left with a smirk on my face and now hopefully they won't be "losing" any of the forms I had to fill out and use that as an excuse, so for now I'm content to say that I won a battle and just wait and see the results to see if I can proclaim that I won the war.


I need money but then I guess we all do.

I need to feel loved.

I need to take a shower, I feel icky right now.

I need to make up my bed, so that my room feels organized.


The gig last night went just as expected, minus the bums, prostitues and addicts hanging around. We had a grand total of 20 people in our audience. But I have to admit that it felt good to see them avtually paying attention and clapping. They actually seem to enjoy it, so I guess we did our part to bring a little bit of our puertorrican culture to those that have forgotten about it some. Just had 2 beers last night and I actually went to bed early.


ms-m, how dare you, you're not old, you're seasoned and women get better with age just like very good expensive wine.

star-fishing, I always copy an important email as I type it just in case... ~hint hint~ And good luck on your next game

effel, you should move out on your own, that way you can have lots of exciting sex and wild parties.

star-nicole, I'm sooo happy for you, I bet you're on cloud nine right now.

dieyoung, you could update your diary too you know, doing it while Rica is at work could be an option.

bov, update you lazy bum.

mr-uglybutt, thank you for reminding me of my duties to this place and you are so making ME vomit with you mushiness. Good luck on your interview!!

fairyfish, you have been lazy updating as well, and don't give me the old excuse "nothing has been happening to me lately so I have nothing of interest to say". I miss reading your diary!!! Oh and next time just smack your boss around a bit.

ikeaman, hope everything is going well with you and that your situation has mellowed out. ~hugzs~

wicked-sezzy, are you keeping up with your points?!?! And don't worry, you'll have sex again sooner than you think, my pshychic told me so.

captainron, I miss reading your entries in my guestbook, you seem distant lately. Hope you have a good weekend with M.E.

kll, try not to smoke too much pot this weekend.

OK, enough shouts for now.


Hope everyone has a good drunken feisty filled with fun weekend.


9:05 am - 12 July 2002


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