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I'm back.. and now my hair is black. That rhymed.. cool

Well hi there:

Haven's updated in a while for lack of time and really I had nothing of interest to say. I have been helping J update his affidavit registry which was wasy overdue and soon he'll be getting an inspection on it, so I just thought I would be nice and help him out. I have been getting home dead tired and just really have been getting into bed and falling asleep almost right away. Thanks for worrying you dear sweet man you. I dyed my hair today yet again... now my hair is back to my natural color (black) only with red streaks in it. I was waiting for a certain someone to post her pics since I think she got the same thing done but she never did so I just went ahead and did it anyways. Yes, I'm a risk taker. I think it looks way cool and I feel very good about myself. That combined with my 12 lb. lost is just great and exhilarating. I also had it cut to a shag like style, bit shorter but as it grows out it will look even better.

WOW... I feel so girly... definitely not like me at all. Soon I will be putting makeup on a daily basis... yeah right.

I have not been studying my HTML for the reasons stated before but I will get up to date on that and do a really nice and original layout.


My contract for Band got renewed and now I'm SECOND CHAIR... before I was THIRD, so I was sorta "promoted". Same pay though...

Oh well, not everything is as I want it but personal achievement and recognition is always a boost moral.

Oh yeah, I will post a new pic as soon as I figure out what the hell went wrong with my PC cam since my computer decided to throw away all the drivers for it. I'll be getting a new ahrd drive next week if I ever get my Unemployment checks that is. They owe me $700.00 to date and they promised to deliver them by next week. They have been saying that for the last month and a half but I just have to believe them or I will jump one of those stupid asses in that office and do some major physical damage.

Well, gonna go now and do some laundry and take a nice cool refreshing bath.

~Bet you're picturing that right now you pervs~


7:59 pm - 22 June 2002


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