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I want to see the body damnit!

Today i'm so tired. Band rehearsals weren't supposed to start until tomorrow, but ou city's Mayor died unexpectedly from an aneurism. Today was his funeral and since our Band represents our history and culture as a city we had to play for him. Alhtough it was more like play to the parade of politicians that used this occassion to make their presence known in this election year.

I didn't like our Mayor very much, but still I think he's a person that deserves respect, even in death, for the position that he upheld for so many years, 15 to be exact. And yes, before you go on and say that I can't judge a person because his ideals are different from mine, let me just say that that is not the reason. I knew him personally and my dislike of him comes from a personal experience with him. Some argument or other having to do with our Band. I shared many times with him during the years and not all of them were bad, but his last impression was.

Anyways, as I was saying he does deserve respect, and I find it utterly disgusting that people are trying to use his death as a trampoline to boost their polls with the public. If anything, they made me really want to rethink my choices for the upcoming election. Politicians are like vultures, they pray on the dead, literally.


People are very creepy. Almost the whole town shows up and then they start yelling in unison: "We want to see him! We want to see him!"

The dead Major's body that is. What purpose could it possibly serve to start acting like a mob right in front of the widow, with absolutely no compassion. I know that he was a public figure, and a very important one in our town, but still it made me ill. People are just too morbid nowadays for my taste. It's teh same thing in the news, when someody dies, people gather around to see the aftermath. They seem to be ok with it, like it is allright to intrude in someone else's misery. That is of course, until it strikes you personally. Then the media and the other onlookers are just getting in your way and acting like animals. They just want to be left alone. That's why I always try to treat other people the way I would like to be treated. If anything it gives me the right to negatively criticize them.


I'm smoking way too much lately, going on a pack everyday and then some. I really have to cut that out. I know I would do a lot more exercising if I cut down my smoke intake, since I would not run out of breath so quickly. I'm eating healthier these days, so at least I'm doing something right.


Today I have to get to work on my curriculum designs for my classes, and I still do not know what to do, at least not with my arts and crafts one. I really must go and figure that one out since time is really running out.


3:19 pm - 19 January 2004


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