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Computer.... Traffic.... Waiting.... Dude!!!


So my computer is on it's way. Just talked to the driver a few minutes ago and everything seems to be in order. He said he should be arriving here in about an hour or so. Now the only thing that could possibly happen is for him to have an accident or maybe he could be highjacked. Well, honestly the odds of been hijacked are almost nonexistent but the accident thing could be arranged quite easily. Over here people are maniacs when it comes to driving. They have no manners, everybody is always in a rush and road rage is like way up there. Basically everybody in this island owns a car, that range goes from teenagers to like 100 old people, so you can imagine the imlpications there. One would think that in such a small piece of land trafic would not be so bad. I mean you can go from one end of the island to the other in about three hours or so, so it really should not be a problem to get in time to wherever it is your going. People here manage to just that all the time, we even ahve to different ways of evaluating time: puertorrican time or the american time, puertorrican time meaning at least half an hour later than the time specified and american time being well, just on time.


I'm anxious to have my new computer here, it's not really to have a computer since obviously I have my good old trustworthy Gateway in which I'm typing now with no complaints whatsoever. It's the waiting part. I just hate waiting.. period. No matter what it is that I'm waiting for, something plesasant something unpleasant, something boring or something fun.. I just was not meant for waiting. Even when I was born my mom only had to push once to get me out of her tummy, I guess I was just not willing to wait there any longer than I had to.


On anoter note, the rain has ceased and now is all cool outside. The sun is starting to shine again and of course that means that by tomorrow everything will be back piping hot once again, but the change was definitely nice. And better yet it was just enough rain to cool things down but not enough to inpede the delivery of my new Dell computer. So I guess I better finish with the somewhat annoying phrase... "Dude, I'm getting a Dell".


3:44 pm - 16 September 2002


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