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Today was our big concert. It's a big social event and the theater was packed. That's good. I'm tired, my lip is swollen from playing so much but I feel good. There was a cocktail party afterwards but I decided to just skip it. I really was not in the mood to be acting all smily and diplomatic with strangers coming up congratulating me for the well done concert. Hate having my picture taken by strangers as well and they do that a lot at those affairs too. Maybe I sound like a snob, but really... we played for more than an hour and I'm pooped. I guess I know how really famous celebrities feel when they want to be left alone.


Tomorrow I'm taking the day off from work. Let the kids have a free day from me and me from them. I'll be running errands and doing stuff around the apartment though, so it won't really be a relaxing day for me. I really have to clean my apartment, I swear that if a seed should fall on the floor I would have a plant growing there in no time at all.


This heat wave is still going on and I definitely can't wait till it's over. Funny there was a Simpson's episode about a heat wave in Springfield just now.


I want to watch the new Ice Cube movie: Barber Shop. There's just something about that husky chocolaty man that grabs my attention. He's a wonderful and great actor too.



I just realized yesterday that a second book on Bridget Jones had come out. Reviews are mixed from what I have been able to gather so far. Some say ~nay~ others ~yey~ others say ~neither worst or better than the first one~. I'll buy it and read it. If it's as good as the first one it will be worth it or at least I'll be able to know what the heck happened after the first one.


I also want to get The Stand by Stephen King. It's the only book from him missing in my collection so far. I want the uncut edition.

Was also reading on the net that they are filming a movie based on the first book on the series of Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon. People probably don't realize that this was already done a while back titled Manhunter. In this one the awesome Anthony Hopkins will be portraying his character. Just hope it won't be a dissapointment like Hannibal. I watched it because he would be in it, but the changes in the screenplay were too different from the book, so I really didn't like it at all, and for me Clarisse can only be played by Jodie Foster. Oh well, maybe I'm just picky, but I hate it when screenplays based on books are changed. If the book was a bestseller, please don't change a thing!! If it was a bad book people wouldn't have bought it now would they?!?


Ok, enough blabbering for now. My bed is calling me.


8:40 pm - 08 September 2002


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