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Sick doggie :(

My dog is sick and I don't know what the hell is causing it!! I'm desperate so I'm taking her to the vet yet again on Monday, since over here vets think that animals only get sick on weekdays from 8 to 5. Well, it all started one average day, she just vomited so I thought, well she has an upset stomach, no biggie. Next day the same and so the next and this continued. I tried everything. I even cooked for her white rice and steamed chicken since this always worked before. No luck this time, she just vomited everything a few hours later. I took her to the vet and he found nothing. Gave her some meds and I guess this worked for a while. Then she just started comiting again when I switched her to ther old dry food. So I got her to the vet again and he still found nothing. I decided to switch her food to te canned varety and she seemed to tolerate that one. SO happy I was and now 2 days ago it started all over again. So on Monday back again we go. She is so thin. I can feel her ribs when I pat her and hug her. She is still pretty active so I guess that's good, but still I'm worried.


Anyways, I've had a pretty good week and I'm thinking about spending Christmas (yes I said the C word in reference to Sezzy's entry about PC language and behaviors) over in San Juan, Isla Verde to be more specific. I got an offer to use my friend's apartment over there. It is absolutely wonderful; I get to use the pool and the beach is right there in front. Yes over here we can go tot the beach all year round, so please send me those envious thoughts those of you who are freezing your ass right now and all you can see is the color white. I think that will be a good idea, but for now everything is posponed until I know what is wrong with my dog.

Well talk to you later.

Hugzs and kisses to all.


4:28 pm - 13 December 2003


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