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Out with friends once again....

Yesterday I went out with my friends, something I hadn't done in quite some time due to lack of interest and of course a lot of school and job related work. I must say that I really enjoyed myself quite a bit. I didn't drink alcohol at all though, and I must say that I really do not miss the dizziness and the hangovers I always get the next day. Even though I got in at 4 am I was able to get up quite early, and do things that I really had to get done.

Puppy did not feet sick this morning apparently and ate her food with a little encouragement on my part. Yesterday she just flat refused to eat anything after she vomited her morning meal. Although I was having a good time last night, she was always in the back of my mind, wondering how she was doing and feeling. These are the moments when I wish that she was able to talk, to let me know what and how she was feeling and what she felt like eating or doing. She is very expressive, but still it definitely falls short of complete understanding.

Funny how we will meet somebody for like a couple of times and then introduce them to others as your friend when you happen to run into them at places. I did that last night, even though I had only met this guy like a couple of times at the bar, you know, just got to talking and joking around when things were slow. I introduced them to my long time friends as just that, a friend. We tend to use that word very lightly, but I just don't feel right introducing him as "this is an aquaintance of mine, so and so." It sounds kind of rude to me, taht word, aquaintance. I will sometimes say "oh, this is so and so." and avoid the word friend completely. Now that I have read this it sounds kind of a silly and inconsequential comment. Oh well, bite me.

Tonight I will be heading back to the bar since I have to invite the bartenders, yes they know me quite well from my drinking days, which ended about seven months ago, to this get together that our group will be having tomorow. I'm also planning on meeting my friend T over there as well. T is everything I used to be when I was younger. I have lots of fun with her. She is kind of crazy, definitely not conservative in her way of being and dressing and acting and whatnot, she laughs, she makes me laugh and she drinks like hell. Hey, she drinks for both of us now. I haven't seen her for about 3 weeks now so we are due for a night out. I will also be seeing the cute skinny like a twig bartender, well cute in my eyes, so that's always a plus.

Well, talk to you later all.


3:50 pm - 03 January 2004


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