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I see the light... Healthy.... Girly....


Ok, so if you wanna know who I went drinking with last night click here.

Fun fun as always.


I have electricity again!! YEY!!! Well, so far is working great, I think even better than before. I'm walking again among the civilized click. Oh yeah baby!! I was so happy to have icy cold water again that I chugged down a whole glass as soon as I got home, and yes, I got BRAIN FREEZE!!!! Boy do I hate that. It's the most annoying painful thing. Nothing can achieve that amount of unpleasantness.


Today I took my mom to the doctor again to have some circulatory tests done. At least it was quick, plus I got a hundred dollars towards my AC in Lay Away, so I guess it was worth it. Damn I love my mommy. I also got a free lunch.

It's funny how you see people trying to eeat healthy. They will order a salad, then drench it in creamy dressing and cheese. Oh yeah, they will download everything with a diest coke or water, so I guess that's supposed (*sp) to make it even.

I was a good girl and had a grilled chicken sald with dressing on the side (I just dip my fork in it) and no cheese, thankyouverymuch.

I'm down 17lbs. already so that's good. Have been good in staying within points but a bad girl when it comes to exercising, unless you count the hundred plus times I had to climb my stairs yesterday while attending the electrician. Unlike the losing fat machine (Sezzy) I lose weight very slowly, but it's all good, as long as it stays off I'm a happy camper.


I have been going to the mall more and more lately, mostly window shopping but I will purchase some knick knacks if they're within my budget, which is almost non-existant these days. I bought a pretty summer dress (yes I said dress, it's not a typo) for just $10.00

some sandals to go with the dress for $3.99 at good Old Navy

a necklace for $4.99, eyeshadow for $3.99 and lip gloss to match the eye shadow.

Girly, definitely. Maybe Ali is rubbing it off on me or something. And yes I noticed no pics for the sandals, but I'm too lazy to get up and get them to take a pic.


OK, gonna go take a shower now, it's still too damn hot in this island.


5:37 pm - 31 July 2002


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