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I'm almost done for the semester!! YEY! For some reason this semester was so long for me. I think it probably has to do that all of my courses had mostly nothing to do with my major. For some reason I left the boring courses for last and now I'm paying for it. I went to register for my last three courses (yes, I graduate in May finally) and I cold not access my page online due to a HOLD on my file. WTF? I don't owe anything so I had to go all the way to the University (it's just 15 minutes away, but still) and stand in line (for like 5 minutes, but still again) just to find out that the hold was there because my federal aid was almost up. (Yes, I realize that I just wrote a darn long sentence) I know this, that's why I took out a student loan. Now that thing is that as long as that HOLD is in my file I have to do everything right there in Campus. I can;t register online, can't view my grades (have to wait for them in the mail) ask for a copy of my transcript, you name it, I have to go down there and do it. One would hope that since I am there already they would take it off, but noooo, the person in charge of doing that is on vacation and will not be coming back until January. I wonder what wold ahppen if that same person was in charge of the bathroom key or something, I guess they would have to pee on themselves. It makes no sense to me that just one person would be allowed that responsibility.

Anyways, better get on my way to bed. I'm really tired and should take advantage of the fact that I do not ahve to keep a late night doing over due work for school.


PS: Oh yes, anybody know of any good template sites out there, or of a good designer? I'm willing to pay!! I just don't have time to deal with my diary right now and I want a new look.

9:55 pm - 07 December 2004


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