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Is it all over yet?!?!?

Yesterday I got to go to Borders and I managed to purchase one book. Yes, I kid you not, just one book. The mall and of course the bookstore was so filled up with people that I literally thought that they were like giving books away or that an absolutely wonderful writer like Shakespeare himself was signing books. Now, let me tell you, I really hate crowds. I hate them to the point of just not even entering a party, even if they are giving out free beer if I see a big crowd hovering in the area. I just can't stand walking with someone else's back in my face, my cheek just hitting it every time soemone decides to push a little bit; someone else's hand in my butt or waist hanging on, and people just touching, squeazing and grabbing. But since I had driven for an hour and a half to get there I decided to go in and see how it was, maybe it wasn't so bad you know?? I was wrong; I managed to get to an aisle in the store and fortunately Ane Rice's books were near me. I grabbed, Blackwood Farm and was on my way to the cash register, which was not an easier nor pleasurable feat.

I am very dissapointed. And you may ask why all the commotion, I mean the Holidays are over and all that, right?? Wrong my dear kiddies, over here in Puerto Rico the holidays are not over by a long shot. After the New Year celebration, you people in the States and in other parts of the world are getting ready to get back to work, kids to school and all your normal routines fit perfectly again in your lives. Over here we are Holiday shopping for Three King's Day. Basically is the same as Christmas, only the ones giving the presents are, you guessed it, the Three Kings or Wisemen or whatever, the ones that gave baby Jesus presents when He was born. Kids instead of leaving cookies and milk, leave water and grass for the camels. Notice how you people are not at all concerned about the wellfare of the Reindeer, ASPCA should really look into that matter. I guess the way I figure it is that the Kings are human beings are therefore a willing party in this venture, so they really should prepare for it. On the other hand the camels are not, so the kids just look after their well being.

Well, in any case, that just means that we have to do twice the Holiday shopping than you guys. Since the original tradition was the one with the Kings, it is usually the busiest one as well. I mean, Santa came when the north-americans came and decided to take over our island and colonize it, but I digress. That is an entirely different matter completely. So, just be grateful that you celebrate with Santa and not a whole entourage of seasonal characters which in turn will make you spend way more money that you can really afford in the first place.


11:33 am - 30 December 2003


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