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Jobless... Frankenstein no more

So yeah, my contract has not been renewed yet. It does not mean that it won't be, but talk about thinking about it all summer long. I have decided to not take the chance waiting, so I started updating my resume and on Monday I'm on a mission. I will be hunting down every school in town and letting myself known damnit! I'm a good teacher and even though I still have about a year left of schooling, parents love me. The school's administration changed so they're hoping to get a certified English teacher instead of me. English teachers, especially certified ones are very hard to find for the Public Education System, and they pay much more over there, so you can imagine what a pain in the ass it is to find one for a private school. So good luck to them. Just because someone is certified as a teacher does not mean they can teach English if they did not specailize on that. Oh well, that's life. I really liked my students over there, but I guess life is about changes and making one go crazy.

Anyways, my dog doesn't look like Frankenstein anymore. I had to take her to the vet last month to get some tumors operated. They were like 4 of them, so they shaved, cut and sewed away. She looked like Frankenstein's dog. All those stitches just popping out and looking like centipedes stuck to her body. Poor thing, she was in pain too, I mean who wouldn't? Well thank God yesterday they cut them off and now her fur is starting to grow back again and she just looks happier now. Dogs are like kids, I almost cried when they were cutting them off, since she started shivering. I hate to see her like that. Afterwards a nice treat was in order so to the pet shop we went, she got a new toy and the owner gave her some treats for beeing such a brave girl. Oh dear, I'm such a nut case.

Well, I'm off to the supermarket to get some ingredents to make sushi, which I totally love.

Oh yeah I got 2 A's and a B in my Uni courses. GO MEEEE!!!


9:19 am - 07 June 2003


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