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OK, so puppy decided not to again this afternoon, at least she did not vomit her breakfast, and at this point I'll take anythign taht I can get.

Tomorrow I have to get up really early and work on the house that I will be moving to soon. Like next month that is. I decided, or I should say J and I decided to move into his mom's house since it is not in use. His mom is in the States with his sister. The house is ok and I am not one to complain since we can move into it and really just pay a fraction of the money that we are spending right now in rent. Hopefully we will be able to save more money towards our future home. The house is not in a very good state but my dad is helping us out in that respect. So I just want to make it a good place to live in teh meanwhile. Life is all about sacrifices I guess.

Tonight my outing was a short one since T could not make it. No regrets though, just went to the pub and hung there for a while and then headed right back home. I talked with wnother friend of mine in the balcony and then just called it a night. I am not sleepy though, I always do that, as soon as I stay out one night out late into the night my internal clock just refuses to budge and will completely block sleep out of my system until at least 4 or 5 in the morning.

I should get to bed though and call it a night, tomorrow is going to be a long day and I have that get together in the afternoon.

Oh yes, I sold two necklaces today for a total of $140.00, that was cool. One was done in Quartz and Eye Tiger and the other one was done in Jade and Rose quartz. I think I'm going to like making my necklaces even more. I 'll try and postsome of the pictures of my necklaces later.

Well, that is all for now.


12:45 am - 04 January 2004


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