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Oh Canada... probed?!?! .... mushiness


Happy Canada Day to all you canadians out there...

Today has been one of those days when you just wonder what the hell did I do today?? I mean, I opened my eyes this morning, got up and then I'm back home at 6:00 pm this afternoon. My day's "adventures" are hazy at best, so I guess nothing really important happened or some other possible scenarios jump into my mind:

  1. I have been abducted by aliens and probed

  2. or some secret government agency kidnapped, drugged, interogated me and erased any memories I might have had of the situation at hand.

Yeah.. maybe I'm an undercover agent and don't even know about it. You know like in that Arnold Swanewhathaveyou movie.

~if only my life was as interesting as that~


Anyways, my butt doesn't hurt so I guess I can at least scratch off the "being probed by aliens" scenario.

Well being lazy as I tend to be most of the time, I decided to go back a year or so and remember what was going in my life back then after reading entries on the topic like a few days back... yes I got "inspired" or I felt like being a copy cat, take your pick, by the horny for lack of sex woman, the woman who wants BOB to get the hell away from her diary and others that at the moment elude my memory. Not for any lack of interest mind you, I'm just not all here at the moment.

On June 16th, which was my last entry in 2001, due to some personal mishaps that I was undergoing at the moment, I was officially accepted as a fishie. That was the hightlight of my life a year ago.

And that is all I have to say about that. Oh well... my life has gotten more interesting if I say so myself and I have grown and matured even though I definitely know I have loads more growing and maturing to do. I have come to accept my life as mine and I can handle now being exposed on this world we have come to love and depend that we call Diaryland. I feel the need to do this writing to keep "sane" as my life unravels before me, I need the inspiration and strength so many of you have given me over this period of time in my life.

OK, enough of the mushiness...


PS: If I forgot to link someone.. please forgive my gross bypass, it was not intentional and I know you are understanding enough to let it go.

7:32 pm - 01 July 2002


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