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Hello all:

I'm sitting here crying and hugging my puppy after reading weetabix's entry. Her cat has gone to what we hope will be a better place and I just don't know how I will be able to handle that situtaion when the time comes for my darling Khazara or if I will be able to handle it at all that is. I know that maybe we can't or shouldn't compare the passing of family members with that of a pet but in my case I will take the risk of doing so. My dog is part of my family, she has been my baby for the last 7 years and I will treat her like one till the day she is no longer with us and then some. I will cry, be sad and depressed when her time comes, and there's just no making excuses for it either, whoever doesn't understand should just let me alone if he/ she doesn't want to get physically hurt in the process.


Ok, I was reading an article and it was basically telling of the a guy's first visit to a "massage parlor". A full massage included a hand job. It was so technical and methodical that the guy didn't even enjoy it. As she was leaving he felt like screaming at her "Wait, this is when I ussually like to hug." In a nutshell having some kind of sexual interaction with someone just doesn't cut it if there is no emotion or at the very least some mutual satisfaction involved. Receiveing some sort of sexual or physical pleasure just isn't enough, plus in the end it won't be all that gratifying or pleasurable. I guess that's the difference between having a good fuck and having great sex. I mean I've had my share of one night stands but there was mutual gratification involved and the expreriences were OK although I must admit that as soon as it was over or that the guy had gone I was left with a blank feeling somewhere inside of me... I wanted more... I yearned for it, whatever it was suppossed to be. It was just cold.


Oh I have not smoked today and I'm already thinking about having one. Today has been lazy day for me, doing absolutely nothing. I have gotten out of bed to in order to prepare myself a bagel with honey butter, go to the bathroom and to drink water. That's it.


Well that is all for now, maybe later I'll pop in maybe not. Who know's right?!?!


3:47 pm - 15 July 2002


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