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Normalcy sinks in... more or less

Elections come and go and thankfully this one passed. I look forward to watching TV without having to bump into more politics mumbo jumbo. Yes, I do care about what's going on in the world and albeit I do not live in the states but PR is linked to it wether we like it or not. In PR we had our elections as well and everything is back to normal again... more or less. And just to make things clear, I love all people; Repulicans and Democrats alike, well unless you're an asshole and I don't think there's a political party for those kind of people yet. Everyone is entitled to speak their mind, even I feel they're a tad offensive in some ways. I'll still love you cause that's what makes you special. (No sarcasm intended by the way)

Anyways, enough of this. I'm way behind in my classes and must make up for that in the next couple of days. Assignments and essays are cluttering my desk and I really like to see it all tidied up. I'm coming down with the flu so that's definitely not good. My throat hurts and I feel like crap, well like half a crap since it has not fully hit me yet.

Puppy is doing great and is getting huge. She will definitely be taller and bigger than Khazara. I can almost see her wiping my coffee table with her tail as she happily walks along wagging it, cause it will be huge as well.

Definitely not going to NY this winter. J will go by himself as I really need a vacation away from him. I know it's a nasty thing to say, but at this point in my life I need some space from him. I think that the distance between NY and PR will be sufficient for now. I must say that I'm looking forward to spending time by myself. Nothing like peace and quiet in a household where it feels like a bomb might go off at any moment.

Well, I've missed everyone of you and I'm sure you know who you are. I have been reading the diaries though here and then even if I have not been writing as much as I should. So here's a big hug and kiss for you all.


4:28 pm - 04 November 2004


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