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May I be your puppet sir?

Today puertorricans are celebrating basically the day that we got "invited" to become an official property of the USA or the celebration of the Commonwealth. I think we are the only ones that celebrate being turned into a bunch of idiots that depend on another nation to do with us as they please. When I got up it was raining so at least someone up there feels the necessity to cry for us. We're like a bunch of puppets (well some of us at any rate) and the US is the puppet master. So what do we do?? We celebrate that shit with a festival. Sick. I know.


Crime is rising everyday here at a stupidly rapid pace, so the government decides to activate the National Guard to acompany police as they are patrolling in the streets. This in itself is stupid, since:

- Soldiers do no have the training necessary to deal with perps.

- They are just riding along in patrol cars watching the actual police giving out tickets and such.

- We look and feel like a third world country where the military is the law and well, it feels kind of creepy.

That is so lame that I just cannot seem to grasp the concept. Why don't they find an alternative to this I do not know and do not understand. Our politicians are definitely a bunch of idiots with their heads stuck up their big fat asses. Finding solutions to our problems are definitely too brain numbing to them so they resort to the stupidist action possible in order to look like they are doing something instead of actually doing something. That's just what I need, to see some stiff soldier with a Mech 5 in his/ her hand at 7 am in the morning as I go out to buy some bread. Well Good morning to you too.


I watched the movie Secret Window last night. I'm a Stephen King fan so I liked the movie, although being a Stephen King fan also made me guess basically the whole movie almost as soon as it began, so that was kind of dissapointing. Loved Johnny Depp's acting!

I also watched Spirited Away and a bunch of episodes from CSI. Yes, my system has been absorbing a whole lot of TV these last few days. Guess I'm preparing for the lack of TV watching that I'll be doing once I'm in NY. Lots more to do over there than to watch TV. Hope I don't forget to program the VCR to record for me the upcomingSix Feet Under episodes.


7:55 am - 25 July 2004


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