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Rain..... caller ID

Well hello:

It's raining and I love that feel of relaxation that I get whenever it does, or like she said "it's calm, romantic read-a-book-on-the-couch-while-drinking-coffee-and-listening-to-jazz feel", especially since it hardly ever rains down here. Right now in the background I'm listening to Tiffany's biography.... why?!?! I don't know, J is watching it for some too strange to contemplate reason. I mean, I listeened to her way back in the day but please, it's not like I even ever bought an album or anything like that. Maybe he has some weird hidden obsession that I have yet to know about.


Anyways, because of the rain I didn't have to go play today with the Band, so that's good. Just laying around here on a Sunday night is always good, or any other night for that matter. Tomorrow is a Holiday over here so it's a long weekend, not that I would notice the difference since I'm on vacation and my weekend basically started at the end of May and will last until the begining of August when my classes start.


OK, I just love my caller ID machine. I hadn't realized just how many people I didn't wanna talk to until I got it. Before I became the proud owner of one I would be constantly talking on the phone all day. Now I just look who's calling and I can make the decision to answer or just blow it off until I decide to call back and then have the nonsense giberish conversation that we were meant to have earlier. People just don't know how to take a hint when they call and you are just too busy or just not in the mood to talk, plus I'm a bad liar so I always ended up talking for at least half an hour before I was able to hang up the phone. I need to be more agressive but it's difficult with friends to do that.


Well, that is all for now, nothing of interest as you could read, just wanted to be dilligent and update so that you peeps have something to read tomorrow morning when you get in to your respective jobs and want to do something slightly more interesting than work.


8:49 pm - 14 July 2002


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