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And so the sewer attacks...

It's raining... boy has it been raining. All day yesterday, all evening and it is still going today. Don't get me wrong, I love rain. I love the fact that when it rains flowers, trees and grass gets as beautiful as it can be; something that cannot be achieved even when regularly watering them by hand. I love that the temperature cools down when it rains and I also love the sense of peace and quiet one gets when listening to rain drops falling everywhere. I love that sound. There is also too much rain, especially when it is so much that it threatens to drown you or get into places that are already occupied like say, oh I don't know.... me and my house? Last night as I was safely tucked away in bed

(at 10:00 pm which is disgustingly early for me)

I heard my neighbor pounding on my window.

(First thing that comes to mind: Who the fuck is calling at this late hour (10pm)??? I've officially turned into my dad.)

As I get up he informs me that the street is starting to flood and that I should probably get my cars out of the garage, since in his experience, water usually goes high over here. As I dress and get out I immediately noticed that driving my car away to safety is definitely not an option anymore. Water is too high already and I can only cross my fingers and hope that somehow the water will decide to back away as it sees my old car and take pity on it.

(Hey, water has feelings too... right?)

So we venture up the street on foot with a rake and a broom to try and help get the sewer unclogged

(on a wishful thinking sort of mode)

as the water kept getting higher and higher and started teasing me with just staying on the brink of my balcony, moving just enough to make me cringe every time I saw it caressing the border.

(kind of a poetic description... I know... I suck)


(insert sarcasm here)

that by keeping the area cleared the water will decide to go down faster. We keep this up until about 12:30 am at which moment the pumps turn on. The bastards at the Water Works had not turned them on. Here I thought that they turned on automatically

(which I believe is the civilized way of doing things)

but no, they apparently have to be turned on manually. If I could only have 2 minutes with whoever is responsible for such a stupidity, backwater thought... if only.

Anyways, I was semi-attacked by my sewer last night, and I think it will be back for another chance at me tonight. This time I will be prepared:

  • rubber boots

  • rain coat

  • flashlight

  • rake

  • bad attitude

I am ready; 'nough said.


5:08 pm - 11 October 2005


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