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Sleeping is gooooood...

I went to my new house to be today and did some cleaning. It was cut short though since it started raining... no, pouring is more like it. It has been raining all day long and I didn't even heard anything about it in the weather report. Not that that surprised me one bit, since weather reports are sometimes kind of iffy once in a while.

I came back home, ate lunch and then watched some tv, to which I fell asleep and just got up about an hour ago. So yes, I've been sleeping for most of the day due to the fact that I went to sleep very late again last night. So much for hitting the sack early yesterday. I really don't think that I'll be able to sleep early today but I will definitely try once more to do so.


So my husband is adopted and we got an email yesterday. This is how it read:

Dear Cynthia and Jeronimo,

We are writing to tell you that your sister and your mother's sisters and your cousins are wanting to speak and hear from you. We have thought about you for a very long time. We are so happy that your sister found your message on the internet. We are anxiously awaiting your response.

With love, your New York State family.

I just stared blankly at the monitor as I read it. This just came out of nowhere. I have posted his info in some sites concerning adoptees, but we never thought much about it since it was done like three years ago and nothing ever came of it. I had even forgotten about it to tell you the truth.

So we emailed them back asking for more details since J doesn't wasnt to get his hopes up. We're still waiting for a reply though. J thinks it could be a scam or something, but I really hope not. I have heard of ruthless people pretending to be related to someone, but it's ussually to birth mothers and not the other way around. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if something pans out.


I have a baby shower to attend to, but I'm ditching the invite. I'll buy her a gift tomorrow and give it to her. Not really in the mood to get all dolled up, especially since it's still raining and it's very cold.


Tomorrow is a holiday over here, we will be observing the day of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, so that means no work tomorrow in most places. We will be going to J's new office and start loading his stuff and start making it look profesional.

Well that is all for now, cause I'm cooking some Green Pea Pigeon Soup (yes I love the stuff and decided to try the recipe myself) because it's cold and hot soup always hits that special spot in my soul.


5:51 pm - 11 January 2004


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