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Sarcastic mood..... or is it??

Hello all:

I really have nothing to say at the moment so I just thought I should let you guys know that little bit of fact.

Effie dear I need the thing to do you know what..... errr ok more specific... I need your password to be able to enter your diary and fill my mornings with bliss.

OK so the stars are tired, bored, disenchanted and whatnot with their jobs. Well me, considering that my only job at the moment is playing in a band, am not. Sure there are times that I feel tired and just plain lazy to go to rehearsal but I mostly do enjoy it... so I'm afraid I cannot join the masses in that respect this time. I feel so alienated and alone... damn.

Oh well, what else can I say?!?! Hmmmmm.... news... what's in the news these days?? Oh yes.. the dirty bomb guy, known to his family and friends as Josť "Pucho" Padilla. Puertorrican... well born in NY from puertorrican parents. Yes I know it counts, I was born in NY as well from puertorrican parents and hence consider myself as such. Great way to put the name of our lovely island on the map for the world to see.

Truly, we are not terrorists out here at all... we have only tried to kill one President and attacked the Blaire House and Congress just once.

~grins *sarcasm*~

We are really not that bad... honest.

~Goes and hides the grenades~

It's a joke people. I have my opinions about the States as well but I don't go bombing people. I do not condone violence in any way (well not most of the time anyways) and I believe in the power of words, more or less. I'm complicated that way, but I guess you should know that by now.

I've had my share of protests..... actually my last one was not too long ago regarding the Vieques situation, but still have not killed anyone in the process, I hope. Well my mom almost died when she saw me in the local news channel and found out where I was, but that's besides the point.

I digress, I know I was trying to make a point but I totally lost it there somewhere and am too lazy to go back and make sense of it all, so figure it out by yourselves.

Anyways, if you want to discuss politics... go somewhere else or hey, just ask ahead.... who knows I may even answer some, stranger things have happenned.

Well gotta go now... have to reinforce my firewall and prevent the government from tracking the word Vieques in this entry.

"Paz y libertad para Vieques"

"Peace and liberty for Vieques"

BuhBYe PS: I will probably be getting hate mail for this and frankly I DON'T CARE!!

Can't we all just get along?!?! Who said that by the way...

11:31 pm - 11 June 2002


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