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ISP's.... Girlie.....

OK so I was without an internet connection for these past few days and I was way too lazy to go to Uni and log in. What's new you ask?!?! Nothing much really. I got my hair done in a new style, just added some bangs really which by the way am starting to hate. Will take a pic during the weekend, since I look like crap right now. Had my nails done... that has been torture all by itself. I have never had long nails, since I have a bad habit of biting them every time a read a book or watch a movie or whatever. Still not used to them. I have retyped every word on this entry since my new acrylic nails keep getting in the way. I'm really not the girlish kind of woman. Nothing wrong with being one, just way too much work though. Gonna make them shorter since it has become a chore to even wipe my ass when I go to the bathroom. Yes, I know.... too much information. Try and get that image out of your head now. I dare you.


On another note, I have been bored out of my mind and as soon as I got my iternet connection back I catched up on all of your entries. The tech support woman from my ISP was dumb, to use a word that will not be so cruel; or if you wanns be politically correct intelligent challenged. They just read the instructions out of a manual and she was having trouble with that. Hey, I could be a rocket scientist next to her. I ended up doing all the work and telling her what I did in order to get the thing going on again in my computer. To think they earn a very good salary for being incompetent. Life is just not fair...... I know more than her and I still can't find a job.

Oh well, whatever.


PS: And yes... I drew that beautiful, gorgeous flower on my diary *sticks out tongue*

10:52 am - Friday, Apr. 05, 2002


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