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Snot and other things that are in my brain right now

OK, definitely when things are bound to go wrong they will. I am now getting the flu. Of all the things that I could get I'm getting the most irritating thing ever. I hate having the flu. I've always wondered why I get the flu so much anyways. Over here is always hot so I thought it would be less of a problem since no cold weather is ever allowed to enter this little piece of land. I can't even smoke, nor really feel the desire for it because I'm sick.


I took one of the makeup tests I needed to get done, so that's good. Didn't get a great grade (84%) but that shit happens when your mind isn't really into it and your Professor decides that since you supposedly had more time to study the material the test should be at least three times more difficult than that of your classmates.


Tomorrow I will have to take the other makeup test, I just hope that this professor isn't a total Miss. Bitchy about it. Two more oral presentations for both of these classes and I can just relax and start studying the material for the finals. Oh yeah, I also have to do a thesis paper and I've not even started to do that yet. I will get it done, I've always prevailed in the past... right?

OK, everyone together now... yes you have prevailed in the past Khazzy!

Good, that's what I thought you would say.


This morning when I got up I was feeling like crap thanks to the copious amount of snot (yes I said snot, (disgusting I know) or mucuous if you want to feel technical about the whole thing) that accumulated during the wee hours of the night leaving me all stuffed up and barely able to breath. What happens you ask? My brain started having a conversation with itself. The right side wanted to go to bed, the left wanted to go to the gym.

Interesting thing was that I went to the gym, and that my friends is the first battle concerning a topic of such delicacy that the left side of my brain has ever won. Hopefully it will not be the last.



The Mammut's Story. Yes I am easily amused and this always, and I do mean always does the trick for me. It's in Spanish so try and figure out what it says. I dare you.

Hereyou can find smilies of course.

I waste a lot of time here.

Go ahead and try this.


Today I did:

Treadmill: 1 hour

Stationary Bycicle: 30 minutes

Eliptical machine: 15 minutes

Crunches: 3 sets of 30


10:24 pm - 29 April 2004


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