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I can't take my tampons?!

Lots of people have been telling me of horror stories at the airport. You can't take this, you can't take that.... It's really getting kind of tiresome and annoying to no end. Apparently now we have become McGivers in the making. A can of shaving cream, a tampon and a lighter will serve as components for a handy nifty little bomb or something. There is security and there is security to the point of absurdity people! And I of course will have to watch out my comings and goings even more since I'm puertorrican and probably fit the profile for a potential terrorist, especially J since his skin is not exactly what we would call fair to the point of transparency, so he most probably will end up getting a cavity search of some kind. That sort of turned me on right there, but I digress. The thing is that probably if there were to be any more terrorists attacks on a plane, they will just walk right by with no problems at all while airport security is holding at gun point an old lady with a huge German Shepperd locked onto her leg who just happened to bring along her knitting implements. Yes, I like Leslie Nielsen's movies in case you were wondering.


On other news, it's raining. It's weird because we don't get that much rain here in my hometown, and of course it decides to start raining at 6am when all my laundry is still hanging outside. The thing is I live in jeans, and yesterday afternoon I had this brilliant idea of washing my whole lot, even a couple that were brand new because I'm weird like that. SO now I have no jeans to wear. Yes people, I do not own a drier because:

  1. They are expensive and we sometimes can hardly manage to pay the rent as it is
  2. It's Puerto Rico, you know, in the caribbean, so lots of shinning sun and UV rays coming our way mostly all year long.

Now I'm left with the conundrum of what to wear. It's rarining so ti has to be something pracitcal but yet not sloppy looking. I only have extremely casual clothes or the working type variety. Working clothes are out of the question since hey, I'm on vacation. Jeans are the perfect answer to everything so I'm really stuck right now. Guess will have to rummage through my closet, and you know just how much I LOOOOOVEEE doing that (insert sarcasm here) to see if I can find something that I can actually wear without looking like a bum.


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8:11 am - 12 July 2004


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