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Sexy Vampire

HHmmmmmm I'm worried, I am actually feeling perky today..... maybe it is because somebody actually said I looked sexy. ME!!!!! SEXY?!?!? That word is not even in my vocabulary. What is being sexy?? Looking like a slut, with a look that could make you puke and retort in disgust if you saw yourself in a mirror??

I don't know, but I guessed I slept on it and woke and went to work and got off work and it finally sank in I guess. Sexy...not sounding too silly after all. I guess I'll just have to sleep on it some more.

Well, in another note WORK.... argh..... that four letter dreaded word. It is getting quite disgusting going to work every day, or should I say night. Yes I work the night shift and on the weekends. Now how sick is that, how am I supposed to even have a social life with this job. And the thing is that I have been at it for three years!!!!! How can I even stand myself I don't know. My internal clock is an absolute wreck, don't know when is sleeping time and when is waky waky time, I just walk around in my PJ's and a pillow all day or night and just lay down wherever I am when feeling sleepy. I sleep in bursts nowadays. A couple of hours here, half an hour there. I hardly see the sun anymore, my skin is actually transparent and I could swear I saw my veins running through my body this morning when I was taking a shower, or was yesterday afternoon?? Oh well, thse point is that if there is a blackout I'm sure I could serve as a guiding light to illuminate the way. I have been seriously considering lately checking out the vampiric lifestyle. You know, these goth like peeps that run around in dark clothing, painted black fingernails and white makeup on their faces, except that I can forgo the makeup for sure.

Oh well, silly me.... guess I better go see if the sun looks the same as I remembered and hit the sack.


8:37 a.m. - 2001-06-04


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