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Comments..... toilet paper...... bathroom stalls

So I was bored and decided to see who is linking me to their profiles and I laughed and felt smitten by the comments. Here's what people wrote about me:

Toejam - One person who can type a flawless page while drunk

Star-fishing - she gave me a flower

Camomile - I love her, she introduced me to moving smiley faces!

Effel - A genius at button making!

Wicked-sezzy - She kicks ass, that's all there is to it!

Star-nicole - As sweet as apple pie!

Katilena - a sweet person who is actively searching and sharing

Ikeaman - The Queen of funky buttons!! If you want a funky button too, you know where to go.

Captainron - Worth a look :-)

Dieyoung - Celia Cruz

David-artois - She's a five-time former world bodybuilding champion. She recently had all her muscles removed though because they started to smell.

Tomatbev - Almost in my timezone

a-travis-t - Cool, and someone you would love to hug

I laughed, I cried, I was moved and even surprised. What else can I say.

OK, too much beer speaking now, I have lost control of my body and my fingers are just typing away.

Well, anyways, today I had a "what was I thinking moment". After I finished playing with the band today we had a couple of beers, (I swear just a couple heh) and then decided to go eat something at Denny's. I of course needed to rid my body of all that extra fluid taking up room in my bladder. I didn't notice that the stall I went to did not have toilet paper and of course only realized it after I was giving out that wonderful sigh of relief. Now I was all alone in the bathroom. I decided to look over to the other stall to see if there was toilet paper there and alas there it was. So since I was not about to zip up my pants to go get it (now that would defeat the purpose of getting clean in the first place don't you think?) I decided to just walk right out over to the other side. As I'm out there with my pants and nickers around my ankles some woman decides to walk right in leaving the door wide open letting everyone passing by see me there. Now was that a Kodak moment or what?!?!

Needless to say I was surprised, but just kept on waddling to where the toilet paper was, took care of my business, washed my hands and said good night to that darn woman.

Well, just thought you might be interested in learning one of my embarrasments of the day.

Oh yes, I also found this diary. while surfing around. Go take a look, he might make you laugh.

Going to bed now, so BuhBYe.

2:02 am - 27 May 2002


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