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10 things I love about my job and more giberish


Well, I was reminded by her that I had not updated in three days - THREE DAYS!!

My Borthday is only 43 days away, yes people on August 13th, I will be one year older.


Well, nothing much has happened except for a hell of a lot of cleaning. My apartment is all sparkly spiffy clean, I could literally eat off the floor... which I won't do because that's just gross.


Not too good a week with J but you peeps know how that is sometimes so I won't even go there thank you very much.


I got called in yesterday for the Teacher's Assistant position, so that's a big ~YEY~ for me. It's only part time but is really all I can partake since I will be attending seven classes this semester... yep a full load (18 credits) but I know I'll do fantastically great in all of them.


Love is in the air here in Diaryland and that is just so...... UGH.


I'm so happy for you people.

~Raises bottle of cheap beer in a toast~

May this thing you call love continues to grow into eternity.


Well on another totally unrelated note, after reading Effie's diary I hacve decided to take the challenge. Although I don't really consider my "JOB" a real job since it's playing in a band and I really don't find anything bad about that... well except for the Administration and the bastard Band Director and... oh wait, must think good thoughts. OK, here it goes:

  1. First of all I get payed for doing something that I love and that just comes naturally to me.

  2. I just love my bandmates, since even though most of them are like twice my age they are totally cool.

  3. I only have to go in on Tuesdays for a 2 hour rehearsal, play on Sundays for an hour at the park and sometimes 2 Thursdays a month for an hour to play wherever they tell us.

  4. My bandmates always pay for my beer on Tuesdays after rehearsals and on Thursdays after gigs, and I'm talking massive quantities of it too.

  5. We are only a few women there and I'm the youngest so I'm pampered and looked after all the time, since I joined when I was 20 and I will always be their little girl.

  6. I get to travel a lot to other towns, though not too often abroad but I have flown a couple of times to the States and all expenses are payed of course.

  7. Whenever we have a gig we get free food and alcohol.

  8. I always get my full pay even when I'm sick or whatever.

  9. I get to live my fifteen minutes of fame since over here we are well known and strangers come up to me in the streets just to say hello and tell me that they recognize me and that they go to see me play every chance they get...

    so yes people I have fans.

  10. I get vacation time, christmas bonus and cool looking uniforms.

Well there it is, ten things I love about my job. That wasn't hard at all. Oh yes, did I mention all the free beer I get?!?!

Ooooook, errrr BuhBYe

6:34 pm - 10 July 2002


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