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Google..... Nasal..... Champions YEY!!!


I just got googled for: "Pterodactyl woman from Beverly Hills".

~stares blankly at monitor~

For the love of me I don't even want to know the reason for this.


Today was a busy day again. I went to class on Uni today and it was sooo boring. The Professor has a high pitched nasal voice.. very annoying indeed. To top it all off she finishes every sentence with a kid like "OK?". I really don't know how I will be able to endure that sound for a whole semester. At least is just for two hours a week, thank God for small favors.


My neck is really starting to be a problem. It's starting to hurt and is really tense. All this stress is going to break it I tell ya. I really need to start doing yoga again. I really miss it, I used to feel much more relaxed whenever I would partake in one of those at home sessions. But since I don't get the Fitness Channel anymore I will have to buy a tape. There are no classes near my hometown or I would be there in a milisecond.


Last night was the final local basketball game for the season. And yes, WE WON!!!!!!! It was really disastrous for the other team too. We won by 36 points. It was an amazing game. I didn't get to go see it live since I forgot to purchase the tickets and they were sold out, but I watched it on TV and now my throat is sore from all the cursing and screams of joy. But it was worth it. It's been a while since our team got to have that honor and believe me, it's a big deal over here. The best part is taunting people you know from the other team's hometown. I have a huge lion (our hometown animal I guess you would call it, although we do not have lions running around here, so don't ask me why this is so) painted on the hood of my car. Drawn by me of course


and our hometeam's name (Ponce's Lions) with big letters that say CHAMPIONS!!!

Yes I took the risk of painting it before hand since I was so sure they would win. If not I would have just added the word ALMOST next to CHAMPIONS to make it ok and not look so stupid today driving along in my car all over town.


Anyways, I have to go and make some tests for tomorrow for the little brats. I just love making their lives miserable.



4:13 pm - 15 August 2002


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